Expanding Northampton in Northamptonshire

May 23, 2016

Northampton is a large town located in England’s east midlands. It is the town of country Northamptonshire located on river Nene towards the northwest of London. Its the third largest town of UK and is densely population.

There are many shoe factories around which now function as offices or houses. Once upon a time shoe making was a big business. The town is adequately linked by roads and rail system to London and Birmingham.

There is a basic aerodrome, but the closest airport is East Midlands Airport and Luton Airport. You can find cricket clubs, water centres and Premiership Rugby Union called Northampton Saints.

Its an hour’s rail journey to London. The housing industry has been growing rapidly to house excess home owners from London. There is a lot of developments happening at West Northampton and more is planned for Central Northampton.

The major family fun parks are – Delapre Park, Abington Park and The Racecourse. For shopping Grosvenor Centre is the place. The theatres are located just opposite to Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. The Fishmarket Gallery is the modern fish market.

‘The Cobblers’ – local League One Foodball Club are located at Sixfield Stadium. The Oldest building in the area is The Holy Sepulchre. The Express Lift Tower is perhaps the tallest tower around, but not in use any more.

Distribution and Finance are the major industries here. Coca Cola, Carlsberg and Avon are among the major businesses. It has been a every growing market town. There are many expansion projects on the way like the New Towns Commission.

The town has plenty of music to offer coupled with market fairs. Billing Aquadrome has a bit of everything for all ages.

It is well equipped with primary and secondary schools. The University of Northampton located at Boughton Green Road offer courses in Arts, Business, Education and Health.

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